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Create a sustainable, light, autonomous and fully modular space you have imagined

a family member living close by

Mellow is rooted in its times, and aims to help families as they develop and change.

Family units, whether they are broken or blended, getting bigger with the arrival of a baby or of an elderly relative, need space for each individual to thrive. An extra bedroom is a chance for everyone to flourish at their own pace. For a long time or just for a while.

an office extension in my garden

Working from home, mobility and flexibility: our working life changes in line with our practices and shapes how we think about autonomy.

To make the best possible use of these new horizons, what do you think of having an office, right there, in the garden or on the roof? A modular space where you can meet customers, concentrate in a setting that suits you or invite friends round for a weekend. The possibilities are endless: Mellow can be adapted to meet your needs as they develop and change.

a rehearsal room for your teen

An extra few square metres can change everything.

When the garage is cluttered up by a drum kit and a synthesiser, when the living room is filled with sports equipment or the bathroom is the venue for your teenager’s next gig, then it’s time to expand your home. A Mellow is a space open to their needs, a gateway to independence or just a place for teens to express their creativity. For a long or a short while, it’s up to you.

Got a crazy idea?

Mellow can really adapt to all your lives.

A yoga room, a dentist’s or doctor’s surgery, a lawyer’s office, a meeting room, a pool house, a ceramics studio, a woodwork or painter’s workshop, everything is possible. And the joy of creation is even greater with the challenge of designing new spaces. Our customers are artists, practical people, managers, parents, children, dreamers and decision-makers. Everyone is welcome to Mellow.

An autonomous and sustainable space

Water, energy, location: Mellow invents a space to break free from the past. We wanted to find new ways of managing primary resources. So we designed spaces that are autonomous in water and electricity. Without sacrificing our standard of living, the Mellow is both modern and responsible.

Fostering projects on a human scale, Mellow features light, easily transportable modules that can be set up wherever you wish without needing in-depth changes to the floor or the supporting building’s structure. So if it is removed, the ecological impact over the long term is greatly reduced.

Mellow - Vacation home

For large-scale or multi-level projects, contact us directly

A positive space

Our main aim was to invent an autonomous and responsible living space. Once this had been achieved, to round off our approach we sought to make sure it would be sustainable. So, our modules are developed as part of a circular economy with as much control over the process as possible: once a Mellow is no longer used by its owner, we can buy it back and give it a new lease of life. In this way, renewed materials are reintroduced into the production process, limiting waste to the minimum.

Mellow - Garden office

A space adapting to change

Mellow is adapted to the pace of our lives. For each change, you can reinvent your space. Like with LEGO®, you can make it bigger, smaller, adjust the shape to your project. And as ever, the modules feature a contemporary design to optimise the use and quality of the space.

A space anticipating your needs

We are always on hand to help during the Mellow adventure, providing a range of services and options designed to make your life easier and guarantee the best possible experience.

Administrative assistance, transport, maintenance, autonomy guarantee and buy-back insurance are all part of our range of proposals.

Configure your Mellow

You will be able to receive a price proposal by e-mail