Circular economy

The strength of our approach is in its coherence. We have developed a responsible design model encompassing the project as a whole.

It takes into account all the phases and raises all the questions, down to the last one: what should we do when a Mellow is no longer needed by its owner?

In the same way that we “borrow” rainwater and then give it back, after use, we believe that the space borrowed from nature should also be given back. Here, our proposal is simple: when you no longer need your Mellow, we buy it back.


Here is our method in three key points:

A construction set…

Mellow is designed to optimise the re-use of materials to the utmost. The structure of the modules is made of steel so that it can be reused almost endlessly. The panels are mounted without glue, but put together like Lego, and are thus easy to dismantle. Each material, after a facelift, is reintroduced into the assembly line to make new modules.

… Made in Belgium…

In a local and ethical spirit, we have opted for proximity. All our teams are based from Mons to Verviers, by way of Brussels, ensuring that their discussions do not involve long,

… and leaving no trace!

We wanted to avoid a proliferation of buildings (even autonomous, environmentally friendly ones) that are abandoned, failing a lasting solution in areas that are currently non-urban. We thought about the best way of avoiding this problem. Our solution lies in the foundations. The modules can be dismounted and moved, with large screws inserted into the ground and no need for concrete.

With zero ground coverage, the modules can appear and disappear as if by magic, in line with each person’s needs.

Mellow's circular economy

How does it work?

Providing that you have opted for our maintenance service, we offer to buy back your Mellow when you no longer need it. For more information, get in touch!

For more informations, contact us!