Durability & Resilience

Support for change.

Because a social and ecological revolution is under way, we want to take action. At our own scale and in line with our skills, this means rethinking our living spaces. We want to offer a new way of exploring the indoor space with no compromises on modern comfort but providing a responsible approach. So we imagined a sustainable, inventive and practical module, both resistant and resilient.

Totally in tune with the present, we are convinced of the need to take practical action, today. So we naturally choose quality, making us participants in ecological transition. As a result, selecting the best indoor and outdoor materials, paying particular attention to finishing touches, promoting a circular economy and reducing our carbon footprint are the guidelines for our project.

Above and beyond the product, sustainable culture is a deeply rooted value in our way of life at all levels. Our goal is to seek a continuing reappraisal and improvement in order to make our working environment a sustainable and environmentally responsible living space. We reject the control, possession and domination of resources and people, and prefer to turn towards an equitable and human model.

Adaptability & Evolution

Create something that suits you.

We are aware that our clients’ needs change in line with their life experiences, and we want to allow them to create a customised solution that is totally adapted to their projects.

Since the greatest achievements result from pooling ideas and skills, we go out of our way to foster shared work and collective intelligence. Then everything becomes possible. The most extravagant or the most minimalist spaces can be designed. For each project, we provide an adapted response. We are totally flexible.

In our view, working alongside our clients is essential. And our partnership does not come to an end once the Mellow has been set up. Because depending on your life plans, the space can be recreated, redesigned and take on a completely different shape. For us, it is vital that each person should feel at home in a space adapted to their needs and sensibility. Simple guiding principles are applied to the basic module. This white and simple object then turns into the ideal playground for unleashing creativity and uniqueness, which are not just possible, but strongly recommended !

Autonomy & Forward Planning

Anticipating each need.

Whether you want to place your Mellow on the roof of a building or in the garden, the solutions exist. Our modules can be connected to existing structures, but also (and most of all) be independent in water and energy. Because opting for autonomy means accepting to adapt, to change the way we manage primary resources. It also means becoming aware that resources are finite.

In line with our overall approach, we are convinced that construction should involve anticipating the decline in resources. For this reason, we think about the future of our modules before we even start building them. They are fitted together without glue, and provide both short- and long-term modular solutions. A large amount of the materials can be reused indefinitely. Reinforcing our circular economy approach, which we want to be as coherent as possible, we believe that the guarantee to buy back modules is the final step in a future-oriented model that is compatible with sustainable development.

What’s more, the Mellow is created and designed in harmony with its surroundings. The modules’ light weight means they can be set up practically anywhere without having to radically change the floor or the structure of the supporting structure. Their size means we can organise a vision of a space on a human scale, meeting precise needs and helping to develop life projects. In our view, innovation is a tool working on behalf of human beings.

Design & Durability

Reinventing the places where we live.

We call on the ingenuity of designers to come up with interiors combining comfort, aesthetics and durability. Interior design, materials, furniture, objects — nothing is left to chance.

We work with the top references in long-lasting design, convinced that quality means durability. To reach this goal, we designed Mellow as an innovation without any gadgets. Our model is smart but not patronising, and has nothing superfluous or any unnecessary technology. We are in favour of a model where each element has its place. The connected tablet, for example, shows exactly how much water and energy have been used, enabling each user to adapt their consumption. We promote the relevance of raw, smart, courteous and sensitive innovation.

Mellow also fosters the idea that beauty means durability. We generally keep everything we admire and throw out any object lacking finesse. So we pay a lot of attention to the interior design and to the quality of the acoustics. Mellow’s simple style is designed to foster a feeling of well-being and serenity. Each project is designed so that the timeless value of comfort is perfectly combined with a fully achieved design.

In time, we want Mellow to become part of a practical alternative to certain prevailing lifestyles. We seek to create a different vision for a living space, filled with values and shared by a community of informed users. New ways of imagining our environment are for us possible and we want to be a source of inspiration for all “space inventors”.