We have imagined three main ways to think about your Mellow: a place to live, work and create.

For each project, you can choose the number of modules you need, while bearing in mind that, if your ideas change over time, it will be totally possible to add or take something away.

Ready to design your space?

Start out with a blank piece of paper or use the existing projects below for inspiration!

Housing project

House for 2 people, self-sufficient in energy (63m²)

Hotel room

Unusual hotel room, autonomous in energy and water (Manage – 33 m²)

Apartment in Brussels

Apartment placed on the roof of a house (Brussels – 126m²)

Hospital room


Isolated online meeting space for 1 to 2 people (9m²)

Workbox One

Independent office 1 person (9m²)

Workbox Two

Coworking and meeting room (Project – 45m²)

Meeting room

Glamping nest

Swamp nest (18 m²)


Automatic food dispenser, autonomous in energy and water (Project – 18m²)